Rec Rules

The Chagrin Soccer Recreational Program is to be enjoyed by everyone including parents, grandparents, family, coaches, student referees, and most importantly, the players. Please be sure the kids are playing and referees are always treated fairly and with respect. This program is all about the kids. Chagrin Soccer rules, as well as our insurance policy, prohibits the participation of any unregistered/non-rostered players. It is the coach's responsibility to play only eligible players. Rosters may be reviewed at any time during the season and violations may result in forfeiture of games.

All players must be afforded an equal amount of participation unless there is a specific request for less. All rostered players should participate or play a minimum of one half (1/2) but no one player should play more than three fourths (3/4) of any game unless the team is without an adequate number of substitutes.  Players should be encouraged to try all positions. No one player should take all throw-ins, goal, corner or penalty kicks.

All players must wear shin guards, their jersey, and athletic or soccer shoes. Shoes must remain tied. The goalie must wear a different color jersey from the rest of their team. A substitute jersey of a similar color will only be acceptable if approved by the referee. No players shall, during any game, wear jewelry, such as, necklaces, earrings, studs, rings, bracelets, barrettes (hard plastic or metal), watches, etc. All casts or other foreign objects must be inspected and approved by the referee and/or the In-House Commissioner, Director of Referees or President prior to the start of the game.

Note:  Medical ID and Religious bracelets or necklaces are permitted if taped to the player to avoid injury to themselves or fellow players.  

Ball sizes are as follows: 
The home team will provide the game ball.

Ball size by age group:



U4, U5, U6

U7, U8, U9, U11, U12

U13, U14

Size 3

Size 4

Size 5


Length of games:     

U4 and U5

U6 and U7

U8 and older

Four 8-minute quarters

Four 10-minute quarters

Two 25-minute halves

32 min. total play 40 min. total play 50 min. total play


Fall 2021 Number of Players




Pre-School co-ed


5 v 5

Pre-School co-ed


4 v 4

Pre-School co-ed


4 v 4

Kindergarten boys (w/GK)


5 v 5 (4 + GK)

Kindergarten girls
(w/ GK)


5 v 5 (4 + GK)

1st grade boys


6 v 6 (5 +GK)

1st grade girls


6 v 6 (5 +GK)

2nd grade co-ed


7 v 7