Age Eligibility

Since we will no longer separate age groups by school year (Aug 1st — Jul 31st) and will be switching to birth year (Jan 1st — Dec 31st). In order to help in communicating this change and minimize the chance of players showing-up to the wrong tryout session, we will be listing tryout times by birth year (2008, 2009, 2010, etc…) rather than group level (U9, U10, U11, etc…).

Per Chagrin Soccer Association policy, players must tryout with their appropriate birth year and cannot be rostered on a team in any other age group. Please be sure to carefully check the schedule so your child attends the session associated with his or her birth date.

As a community based organization, we realize the effects this change will have on our teams, coaches, players, and families. There will be situations where players will be playing with new teammates next year, coaches will have new players on their roster, and families will find themselves on the sidelines with a few new neighbors from our community. This will be similar to high school where players from multiple class years will be playing on the same team.

We are hopeful that everyone will embrace this mandatory change with an open mind and positive perspective. Playing with new teammates and meeting new friends can be a great experience for our kids if we approach this change the right way.

More information on this new mandate can be found on the US Club Soccer page.